The truth about the “Deep-State Satanic Child-Slavery Ring”

So, the Q-anon and Pizzagate people have been raving about the ideas that:

  • Hollywood celebrities and other elites–including Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks, the Obamas, Oprah, and Nancy Pelosi–are operating a Satanic child sex trafficking cult
  • the cult’s headquarters are in the basement of a pizza parlor in Washington DC, where children are kept in heavy shelving units 
  • the Pizzagate cult also ritually sacrifices children and drinks their blood in Satanic rituals
  • forest fires are the result of lasers being operated from space by Jews
  • covid-19 is actually a bioweapon developed in China by cabalists, and the covid-19 epidemic is a hoax and the lockdown is a fake designed to aid the child-cannibal Satanists
  • the cabal uses vaccines to implant thought-controlling microchips in citizens, and “chemtrails” in the sky to spread thought-controlling chemicals
  • the Earth is flat and that the Smithsonian Institution is hiding evidence of giants
  • the government of the USA is actually controlled by “lizard people” from another planet, disguised as humans, and acting with the Satanic blood-drinking conspiracy
  • the deep-state cabal rigged voting machines to steal the election from Trump, because he was fighting the international conspirators’ evil plots

This is just nonsensically incorrect. It isn’t just “celebrities and other elites,” there are LOTS of us involved in in the deep-state cabal. Do know how many people it takes to maintain the space lasers, or how many pizza-parlor employees it takes to keep those children locked down and under control? Lots, that’s how many.

Heck, just keeping track of the Satanic cult’s dues and membership rolls is pretty much a full-time job. That’s why movie tickets are so expensive these days–Tom Hanks and the other Hollywood people are having to fund the cabal’s staff out of their own pockets.

I still don’t know how our deep-state Satanic child-sacrificing cult got found out. The people who know about the cabal are mostly hillbillies who work in tire retreading factories, and grade-school “lunch ladies,” and Texas sheriffs’ deputies, and middle-managers in small grocery-store chains and such. How did they learn about our Deep-State conspiracies? We thought Satan was protecting us! Maybe we just weren’t drinking enough blood or something.fascists