cricket 1We have been looking for a dog for three weeks, looking at shelters and rescue groups from all over the Southeast.   Every time we saw a dog we were interested in, it was long gone by the time we inquired about it.

We agreed that we wanted another Scottie or somewhat similar terrier–small enough that  we could travel by car with him, but not too small, either.

Then the wonderful people at Mitchell County (NC) Animal Shelter called us to say they had a Yorkie who had been a stray and did we want to see her?   

They sent us a photo and we drove the three hours west from Raleigh to near Shelby and King’s Mountain.  We brought a water bowl and a leash, because we both fell for the dog in the photo. It seemed pretty likely that she would come home with us.   Which she did.

“Cricket” is her name, she weighs 12 pounds, and she’s a soft little bundle of cuddles and adorableness.

We never expected to have a Yorkie–we thought of  them as little yapping froo-froo dogs.   But Cricket is adorable and soft and hasn’t barked once so far.

In the pictures, pretty much everything below her neck has  been  cut short–when she was  found, her coat was matted and full of mud.  

We didn’t find the dog we were looking for at the shelter,  but we did find the dog who needed us, and whom we needed right back.


As of this writing, Cricket has been home for 36 hours.  She is holding her tail up and wagging it, she is trotting around the back yard, inspecting things, and last night she even picked up a toy and played with us for a minute.  🙂  She was a timid shelter dog when we brought her home, and she’s blossoming into a wonderful dog.  Our hearts may never un-melt.  (Though I’ve got a crick in my neck this morning because Cricket spent the entire night sleeping pushed up against me so tightly that I couldn’t turn over all night.)  🙂