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These are questions I find puzzling about the Delphi murders. Some of them are certainly known to, or suspected by, the LE task force. Others are known to, or suspected by, the general public. All of the questions are ones to which I don’t have an answer.

  • Who was actually on the High Bridge and trail (i.e., possible witnesses) from late morning to early evening?

  • Who reported seeing BG or someone else unknown that day? When and where?

  • Did anybody at the trail/bridge see L&A after KG dropped them off?

  • Did anybody at the scene report seeing BG *after* 2/13?

  • Did anybody other than FSG actually see “the couple?” Were the couple recognized by anybody? Were they arguing, talking, what? Does LE know who they are?

  • Did anybody report seeing anybody with wet pants up to the knees any time that afternoon?

  • What was the “girl stuff” and other conversation between Libby and Abby? Did LE know what they talked about because Libby was recording audio or video during the walk? How did they know what “girl stuff” might have been discussed?

  • Had either girl been flirting online or by phone with a guy? If so, was it genuine, or was the “guy” actually someone catfishing?

  • Was BG aware that Libby had a cellphone?

  • We’ve seen the 2 seconds of BG video; what is recorded before that? More of BG walking? What about after the released two seconds?

  • Why was the “Guys” audio not released at the same time as “down the hill?”

  • Mystery car at CPS: was it there the whole time between noon and 5pm? Why did LE ask for help on it, and what do they know about whose car it was? Why did LE say it was “abandoned” rather than “parked?” What happened two years after the murders that made LE interested in the car?

  • What’s the deal with the release dates of the two sketches? Which witnesses endorsed which sketch? Did any witnesses change their description of BG after working on the first one?

  • Did Libby & Abby talk to any of their friends (phone, SM) from the trail or bridge?

  • The house at the end of the private drive: Did BG know that nobody was home that afternoon? If he did know that, how did he know it?

  • Was the orange truck at the cemetery before the murders? Were any other cars/people seen there before the murders?

  • BG’s arrival: do we know where he came from? Parked near Freedom Bridge, parked at the cemetary, walked in on the trail, walked in from RL’s property? Footprints?

  • Did L&A know/recognize BG? How did he establish control over the girls?

  • Were the murders planned, or was it some other scenario that got out of hand?

  • Was Libby’s phone on/near her, or was it found elsewhere in the area?

  • Was the murder weapon (or weapons) found? If not, can LE tell what sort of weapon it was?

  • Is there a master list of who signed up as searchers? Are there lists of people who were seen searching but didn’t sign in?

  • LE says DNA was found: if not enough for identification, does it show anything at all? (sex, race, etc)

  • Crime scene staging: What was it? Prepared ahead of time or improvised?

  • Location of the murders: Planned ahead of time, or picked by chance?

  • Did Libby & Abby cross the creek trying to escape, or did BG force them to cross?

  • The so-called “leaked text messages”–Hoax/troll? Who faked them? Was it BG or just a ghoulish goon?

  • Did LE find BG’s post-murder escape route? Was evidence recovered there? Were tracking dogs used leading away from the crime scene?

  • Was there other evidence that BG knew the trail area well?

  • Who was known to be nearby that afternoon, and did any of them have alibis that sounded suspicious or were unable to be confirmed?

  • Bloggers and youtubers have spread some strange unconfirmed rumors. Some of them probably believe they have correct information, but are any of them deliberately muddying the waters?

  • Is there evidence that BG was involved in any other crimes?

  • Has BG communicated with LE since the murders? Has anyone *claiming* to be BG communicated with LE? With any other public group? (i.e., TV news outlets, etc.)