The Grassy Knoll

It has been obvious for years that the murder of President John F. Kennedy was a massive conspiracy. One crazy guy, a guy who had done many other bizarre and unbalanced things in recent years, one who tried to assassinate a retired air force general days before, a crazy guy who had a sudden opportunity, a cheap rifle, and a pathetic desire to DO something in his worthless life–can you imagine this loser doing something so violent?  Sheer nonsense, right?  It MUST have been a massive conspiracy.  And the fact that there is NO evidence of a conspiracy proves how big this conspiracy is:  Who else could keep such a big operation secret?

The most respected JFK researchers believe this to be the mostly likely scenario for the assassination: Lyndon Johnson wanted to be president, and he used the Oak Island money pit to buy the Trilateral Commisson’s backing. They called in some Mafia contacts, got them working with the CIA and the Partridge Family (the ninja assassins of Los Angeles), and they set things up, using the space aliens at Area 51 actually to make the hit. Lately this has been challenged by new photographic evidence (see photo below), in which we see another suspicious subject in the area at the time of the shooting.

So having established the sanity of the conspiracy people and how reasonable their tinfoil-helmet “discoveries” are, let’s look at some facts.

  • There is literally not ONE SINGLE PIECE of physical evidence for any other explanation. NOT ONE. No rifle shells on the grassy knoll, no credible witness that there was anyone else shooting, no other gun in literally hundreds of photos of that day. Not ONE.
  • There is no credible evidence for a conspiracy–NONE. A bunch of losers have tried to make money with fake stories, but there is NO evidence. “But Ron (Opie) Howard was in Houston that day and he …”NOCoincidence isn’t evidence.
  • How would you be able to cover up such a conspiracy for 60 years?
  • Oswald purchased and had in his possession the rifle that was unquestionably the murder weapon. It had his palm print on it.  The bullets were a molecular match with the ones removed from JFK’s flowerpot skull.
  • Oswald took the rifle with him to work that day, and Ruth Paine confirmed that it had been there before, and missing after, the murder.
  • Oswald didn’t expect to return from the killing; he left money for Marina and his wedding ring when he went to kill JFK.
  • Oswald qualified as “marksman” in the marines, shooting at targets 200, 300, and 500 yards away. Kennedy was 70 yards away, traveling slowly almost straight away–a simple shot.
  • “Nobody could aim and fire that quickly, it’s been tried.” It has been tried and many test shooters have beaten Oswald’s time and accuracy. Ollie Stone’s movie lied.
  • “The Mannlicher-Carcano was a crappy old gun!” It was used by the Italian police until the 1980s, and in African wars until 2010 at least. Many thousands were used in WWII by several countries.
  • Note that if it WERE a crappy old piece of junk, it’s an argument against a conspiracy–why would they send him out with that instead of a modern deer rifle?
  • Oswald admitted that he tried to kill a crazy right-wing retired air force general with that same rifle.
  • After killing Kennedy, Oswald ran to get his handgun, began to flee, and shot an innocent Dallas cop who had the bad luck to stop him.
  • “His head snapped BACK!” [Oliver Stone’s movie is sheer fiction. LOOK for yourself at the Zapruder film, note JFK’s head. Measure its location in each still. You can CLEARLY see it snap forward as the bullet hits, and then to the back when the tissue is blown out. You can also tell from the fragments going FORWARD, clearly visible in the photos.]
  • “The shooter on the Grassy Knoll!” [Not a bit of evidence for that. Shooters there would have been in plain sight of the man in the railroad tower. They would have shown up in dozens of photos. No physical evidence was found.]
  • What about the JFK movie?”  About 80% of it was simply made up, total fiction. Movie critic Richard Roeper: “One can admire Stone’s filmmaking skills … while denouncing the utter crapola presented as ‘evidence’ of a conspiracy.” Washington Post columnist George Will called Stone “a man of technical skill, scant education and negligible conscience.” There are tons of articles about how much of ‘JFK’ is lying bullshit–do some reading, OK?
  • What about Jim Garrison and On the Trail of the Assassins?” [When Garrison actually brought legal action against Clay Shaw, it was laughed out of court. Garrison was a nutcase and publicity seeker.]
  • And maybe the most important evidence: If YOU were running a conspiracy, would YOU pick a ratbrained loser like Oswald to do anything important?
  • Oh, and one last thing:  Yeah, maybe the presence of Ron “Opie” Howard near Dealy Plaza that weekend was a coincidence … or … maybe …

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