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“22 NOV 2020:  i got tired of the gibberish and puerile attempts at humor on this site, so i’ve wiped it all.  If you were following a link, it probably doesn’t work now.  Please stay tuned for NEW, exciting gibberish and puerile attempts at humor!
                               –The Officers and Crew of U-Boat #13

I ran into Boudreaux yesterday and he told me, “The other day I was down Garfish Bayou, fishing. I had a pretty good morning, but I ran out of bait early.

Then I saw this cottonmouth crawling by, with a little tiny green tree frog in his mouth. I stopped ol’ Br’er Cottonmouth with a stick over his neck, but I couldn’t get that frog out of his mouth without getting my hand too close to those fangs. I thought about it a minute, and finally I took out my flask and poured a tot of Jack Daniels into that snake’s mouth. The cottonmouth coughed and spat out that little frog.

“I took the tree frog and caught a nice perch in a couple of minutes. I was just putting the fish in my bucket and wondering what I was going to do for bait next, when I felt something bump my ankle. I looked down and it was that cottonmouth again–he was holding TWO little green frogs in his mouth for me, and he had a happy look on his face.”




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