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One of my friends asked about “legal reefer.” This is a subject I have been acutely interested in since a few years ago. I always liked weed as a youth (I’m sure you’re all surprised by that) 😉dope01logo

Short version: we have legal high-content Delta-8 smokable here. There are other things; Nan likes a gummy now and then. I don’t know anything specific, but I use smokable delta-8 a lot for pain.

My regular is “Hippie Crippler” blend from CannaBuddy, Mathews NC. Fast, great customer service. This morning I’ve been test-flying “Indicia ‘exotic buttermilk cookie’ buds THCa 27.8%” from some pleasant local hippies in a local hippie store. (Yes, they recognized me as an elder of the tribe, thanks for asking.) Much more subtle than Hippie Crippler and more cerebral–quite pleasant.  The joke below, about “that stuff in my pipe IS legal, you can look it up!”  That stuff is Cannabuddy’s Hippie Crippler.  Unka Ken says thumbs-up!


And this ongoing progressive pain, and the increasing need of horrifying surgery and a painful nightmare of further recovery, combined with the inability to get my own goddamned garbage can to the street most of the time, tends to make me just a tiny damned bit hostile or grouchy or irrational at times. My friends from work will recognize that: I must have been AWFUL to work with, in the months before I went totally ap3sh1t and ran out a couple of weeks before my official retirement. (Side note: I love you people; you know that. I’m still very very sorry I made you put up with me when I was such a butth0le.)

elderly crippled stoner2
Pirate school, Jamaica. (You get the parrot on graduation)

So back to the point, I find Delta-8 smokable VERY HELPFUL for ongoing chronic pain. It doesn’t help the phantom limb pain much, but it helps with the regular physical pain. I could live without it, and I would probably prefer organic legal smoke if I could get it, but YES, if you have chronic pain, looking into legal reefer is a VERY GOOD IDEA in my book.


elderly crippled stoner
Unka Ken, your crippled elderly stoner host (no longer a fugitive from the Albanian secret police)

       –ken your elderly crippled stoner pal


(oh, and PS: Dave’s still not here, man)