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OK, I get it; some of the brain-dead people who believe in witchcraft and magic beans think there’s no such thing as Covid, think vaccines don’t work, think vaccines are a plot to implant Bill Gates’ microchips so the Bildeburgers can control your thoughts (as if anti-vaxxers HAVE thoughts to control!), think the Space Lizards disguised as politicians are controlling the government and running the child-slavery pizza parlors in DC, and think Covid is harmless.

Some of them are even so damned st00pid that they think horse antibiotics can keep them safe, and drinking bleach can cure them.

Well you people just need to STFU. Don’t want a vaccine? FINE. Just go live in Idaho or Guam and leave the normal people alone. You ratbrained fckwads killed my father, running around spreading Covid in Florida. STFU, go to Idaho, build a cabin out of rabbit skins or whatever. This is NOT the goddamned Middle Ages and we don’t burn witches any more, and we don’t try to cure the plague with bloodletting.

OOOOoooo–and watch out for the CHEMTRAILS, asshats.